Maria Anastassiou trans-art

Maria's Proposal:

Maria Anastassiou is a film and video artist, born in Nicosia, Cyprus and now living and working in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 having already been awarded from the Deutsche Bank Award for Art and Tank Tv for her work. She has shown her work in the UK and Europe at amongst others the BFI London, A-Foundation Liverpool, Art Athina Athens, Apotheke Gallery Nicosia and many more. In 2010 she co-founded Unravel the longest hand painted film in Britain,  a project that took the form of a travelling workshop and has involved more than 3000 paticipants in 85 host venues across Britain amongst others Tate Britain, BFI, Chisenhale Gallery, in London, Centre for contemporary Arts Glasgow, Ikon Gallery Birmingham and many more.

For IFI Culture Cavan project, Maria is conducting a research-based project that will culminate to participatory film workshops during the Fleadh, inspired by local history and reflecting on contemporary issues. Taking as a starting point a very short mention in local history guides of the minting of counterfeit coins by the O’Reilly family in Cavan in the 15th century she was curious to investigate more into modes and means  of exchange and currencies, especially in relation to Cavan’s border position, how commerce and relationships based on it were and still are formed and how this shapes the sense of local identity.

Outline of Activities
August 1st – 5th Installation of film (to be shown throughout the following week 6th-10th)
August 11th – 13th Workshops
August 17th- 19th Workshops building up to a final showing of all the material on the 19th
Structure of Workshops
The workshop days will be open to all abilities and ages, and would ideally run from 12 noon until 5pm with a short screening of the day’s film at around 5:30 that should finish by 6pm.
The participants will be invited to draw directly onto the celluloid and respond to the theme of Currency. Questions such as What symbols would you have on the Euro Coins/Irish coins/ Cavan Coins, what other means of exchange could there be/ alternative economies/ gift economies and their visual representations.
Super 8 and 16mm film will be used as a surface on which to animate and illustrate the participant’s responses to these themes, as well as 35mm slides and coin holder pockets.
A wide selection of photographic material of coins from across the world will be available for inspiration and looking into themes of design.
Coin design workshop
Coin design by Maria Anastassiou
Various styles of coin design
Creating images on film strips
Workshops as part of trans-art