Michael Fortune trans-art

Michael's Proposal:

The idea behind my film project is to collect on film, superstitions, beliefs and stories, either old or contemporary from children from a series of different parts/backgrounds of Cavan/Fermanagh. The overall material will be edited together to form one larger collection which would be approx 20 minutes long.

Following an introductory session with the group, I would take two young people in front of the camera for an informal interview/chat for about 15-25 minutes. The interviews are really just chats and the kids will always be made feel at ease. I have recorded in the North before, when I recorded 5th/6th class kids from The Diamond and The Bogside in Derry as part of a project with The Nerve Centre.

Filmed discussion by Michael Fortune
Indepth discussion on superstition
More interesting conversations on superstition
Conversations documentary by Michael Fortune and exhibited at Cavan Institute