Siobhan Harton trans-art

Siobhan's Proposal

The idea of my project is to facilitate a number of workshops that involve collecting stories and imagery around the topics of home identity and emblems. These stories will be documented on film and audio. I will then interpret the stories and create a graphic piece on the exterior walls of the St Augustine buildings.

The group I would like to work with are the 'Golden Oldies' in Tullacmongan Resource Centre, Cavan. The workshops will be held over a period of 4-6 Mondays depending on the numbers attended in the group.

When I start I will host an introductory evening including an ice breaking workshop to introduce myself and the project. Each work shop will last aprox 2 hours.

I will start each workshop with a discussion and then I will record individuals for stories.

I intend to give each participant a disposable camera for the duration of the weeks and by the end of the workshops I will ask that the cameras are handed back. The aim of this is to collect the cameras and see what the participants capture, interpreting home, identity and emblems that are relevant to them.

I will collect all the information from the workshops and relate relevant imagery onto the exterior walls of St Augustine’s building Cavan. The building will be transformed into an installation of story. This will be completed by August 6th 2012. I aim to start workshops on the 3rd Monday in May 2012.

Golden Oldies Workshop with Siobhan Harton
Workshop at Tullacmongan Resource Centre as part of trans-art
St Augustines Building, Farnham Street, Cavan
Artwork by Siobhan Harton for trans-art