Patricia McKenna trans-art

Patricia's Proposal:

My proposal is to do a project on the Kinnypottle River in Cavan Town and what I would like to achieve is to connect people’s stories and memories of rivers, lakes, waterways and places where people used to live with emblems or representations of themselves on the Kinnypottle River. It is a great way to involve multi cultural society to get involved and to bring something of their own culture or memories from somewhere special to the Kinnypottle River.

I intend to advertise online for people to come forward with memories which connect river, lake or stretch of water or place which identifies with memories for individuals. 

I also intend visiting the businesses of Cavan town where the occupants would have moved to Cavan from afar and ask them if they would like to participate in this project. They can select a place or river and they will have a bird or fish placed on the Kinnypottle river which will create the link and celebration from their chosen place to the Kinnypottle River.

Another idea which I may work with is  a ‘Pop - Up’ Workshop. With this idea I can visit various venues in Cavan town and people can participate for a short while, rather than having to commit to a full workshop. It is moveable and therefore may appeal to more people. Individuals can become involved in the making and creative process there and then.

The materials I intend to use to create the installations will be made from recyclable materials.

Fish at the Kinnypottle River by Patricia McKenna
Butterfly by Patricia McKenna over the Kinnypottle River
Mermaid at Kinnypottle as part of trans-art
Birds by the Kinnypottle

Bird made in workshops with Patricia McKenna
Fish by the Kinnypottle River represent different locations around the world