Sally O'Dowd trans-art

Sally's Proposal:

I will run workshops with women in Killeshandra in June 2012. The women will be from various backgrounds including both Protestant and Catholic. 

Cake – home, baking, sharing, celebration, exchange

My keystone is cake, working with the theme of Home, Identity and Emblem as scope for discussion and storytelling, and as stimulus for developing visuals with participants. Visuals will be source for cake making and decoration. Cake making and decorating will enable conversation, expression, and skill sharing. Generally, workshop space allows for exchange of experience, stories and ideas.

A tea party - It is important to have the ladies input in the process. My idea would be to bring the cakes out of the workshop space and share them with others, for example at a market sale day. 

The process, exchange and interaction will be documented throughout. 

My interest in working with women is to document invisible choreography and performance in day-to-day life. Historically, women could do with a bit more recognition. We live in the present, look forward, and in that should include voices which aren't loudly heard, and performance that often goes unrecorded.

For stage two I will develop work inspired by and taken from workshops and meetings with female participants. This development will take place in July. The final presentation will take place in August throughout trans-art-cavan. 

As such I propose to work closely with a few of the women in the group to document the invisible choreography in their day-to-day - be it in the kitchen, hoovering, talking on the phone, going to shops, going to a meeting, etc, - through drawing, photography, and likely sound also. 

People gather on College Street Cavan for Sally O'Dowd's Tea Party
Sally O'Dowd's trans-art project
Tea envelopes displayed on the walls
Tea Party as part of trans-art
Results from workshops with Sally O'Dowd

Tea for all

Installation on College Street as part of trans-art
The Tea Room
Sally has created an installation to remember