Seeking Sounds of Reconciliation

Creating a harmony that runs deeper than just melody
The goal of this NYAH Group (Seeking Sounds of Reconciliation Project) was to explore and share the rich musical cultures to be found in County Cavan and surrounding Border regions.

This has been achieved through a series of workshops which took place during the course of April, May, June and July of last year and it culminated in a 'Concert of No Musical Demarcation' which took place on 21st August 2012 as part of Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann.

This Concert was a showcase of many months of meetings, rehearsals and musical combinations being explored.  The work involved participation and community engagement among people who may have previously have been fearful and intimidated by the way music and instruments had been used in the past.  'No Musical Demarcation' was an opportunity to share, enjoy and marvel at the rich tradition of music in our border area and it showed just how much of the music and culture which is indeed common to both sides of the historical divide. 

International Fund for Ireland Presentation June 2012

Willie Drennan on Lambeg Drum
Flute Workshop
Strings Workshop

Merilyn Morton, Kavan & Keelan Donohoe
Rehearsal for No Musical Demarcation

Workshop at Mullaghboy Lodge

Music Videos from the project 'Seeking Sounds of Reconciliation'

(C) Martin Donohoe

(C) Martin Donohoe

(C) Martin Donohoe