Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Culture Cavan ran its second series of free workshops in Strand 2: Spectacle for a Shared Vision, facilitated by Tom Meskell. This workshop provided an opportunity for community leaders, voluntary workers and artists to create large outdoor sculptural pieces and parade floats. The workshop took place on the weekends of 14th /15th July and 28th/29th July. This time the spectacle theme was 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party'.

Facilitator, Tom Meskell spoke about his work “I like the idea of leaving skills within the community by training the adults”.

The participants get started!
Much detail is involved in this process
Tom Meskell demonstrates his skills for the participants
The tea cup starts taking shape
Participants prepare the table for the Fleadh Parade
The table is just one of the many pieces being created as part of the Mad Hatter's workshop
Some of the group work on the teapot
Almost time to paint the table for the tea party
Some of the pieces the participants have been working on
An artist works on one of the hats
Just needs a little colour now!
Kim Doherty makes patterns for one of the hat pieces
Each hat features an individual pattern
The hats have been mounted on wooden posts with which they can be carried
Left outside to dry
Time for a tea break! Pearl Dickson has supplied the goodies.
Yum! Even the cup cakes are in keeping with the Wonderland theme
A teapot snack!
Back to work
This time the group will work on masks
Tom Meskell gives a demo
A face begins to form
It looks quite scary!
The mask features so much detail
Tom adds a few finishing touches and his mask is now complete
Now it's time for the group to get hands-on and create their own masks
The tea party table is beginning to look fabulous!
The Culture Cavan Mad Hatter's pieces are ready
Anyone fancy a cuppa?!
There's enough tea for everyone!
All pieces from the workshop are ready for use
The spectacle pieces feature in the Fleadh Parade in Cavan, August 2012
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party has come to town!
A spectacle display to be proud of!