The Wishing Tree Symposium

The Wishing Tree workshops created wonderful results with a group of participants who learned new skills in lantern sculpture making with lead artist Tom Meskell, in April of this year. Participants on this workshop included community leaders, artists and facilitators.

This project is funded by the International Fund for Ireland and is part of the Culture Cavan project.

Participants of the workshop

Teamwork is the answer to the more difficult steps

So much detail goes into each Wishing Tree

Facilitator- Tom Meskell helps participant, Mary Farelly

Starting to look like a very unique creation

A hands-on workshop for all involved

It's all starting to come together

Tom Meskell demonstrates the final touches

Nearly there!

The Wishing Trees are ready for display

A beautiful display as the wishing trees are switched on

Atmospheric, to say the least

Finished work by the participants at the Tom Meskell workshop

The Wishing Trees on a winters evening on Farnham Street Cavan Town

The Wishing Trees displayed in the window of the Old Jacksons Showroom on Farnham Street

The Wishing Trees in Longford