St. Patrick's Day Parade 2013

Culture Cavan Steering Committee decided to display all the wonderful 'spectacle' creations which were made during 2012 as part of the St Patrick's Day celebrations.  Tom Meskell facilitated a workshop for the benefit of the participants who had previously engaged in spectacle making workshops to display such creations in a specific manner.  The result was Culture Cavan Wonderland which won first prize in the Cavan St Patrick's Day Parade.

Character creation for the Culture Cavan float
Behind the scenes prep for Culture Cavan Wonderland
Fun for all ages at the Culture Cavan Wonderland
Kids Characters as part of Culture Cavan Wonderland
The float decorations are in place to tour the town
The crowd enjoy the spectacle
Enjoying being part of Culture Cavan Wonderland
Entertainment for all involved
A deserving first prize for Culture Cavan Wonderland