The Janus Project

Made by a group in the Belcoo/Blacklion border area and led by artist Jim Fee, this project was commissioned by Culture Cavan who is funded by International Fund for Ireland in conjunction with Cavan County Council. The results were shown in the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann parade in Cavan town on 12th August 2012.
The inspiration was the so-called ‘Janus’ statue, an ancient double sided stone carving of uncertain origin sited in the middle of a cemetery on Boa Island. Its dual iconic image reflects on a community that is divided but is also essentially the same. Artistic licence and imagination have added to the original fragment, making it into a thing that emphasizes a bond that aspires to peace, harmony and respect for the ‘other’.
With the spectacle of the parade in mind, it was conceived as a quasi religious processional piece with participants dressed in appropriate guise.
Materials: ‘Janus’ – plywood/cardboard structure modelled in papier-maché, finished in sand/glue;

Base: timer structure featuring multiple plaster casts from sand moulds, finished in sand/glue;


Jim Fee had a structured plan in place for participants to follow during the workshop
Material and research gathered for inspiration
The costumes were planned to fit with the theme
Featured on the sides of the 'Janus' statue
A pair of hands features on the Janus

The participants decorate the Janus statue
The statue is almost complete

Now to create the masks

The workshop participants spend time on all of the detail

Each individual mask is unique

Time for a tea break!

Some participants gather for a photo

Back to work - creating the Peace pot candle holders

The peace pot candle holders

‘Peace’ pot candle holders – ceramic finished in acrylic colours.

Costumes designed and made by Andrene Hunter
Other participants: Maria Bagnoli, Kathleen McCabe, Maraid O’Dolan, Olivia O’Dolan, Andy King, Patsy Nolan and Sionainn Fee (the ‘mascot’).

Almost ready for the parade

The Fleadh Parade 12th August 2012
The participants get into costume
The Janus Statue is ready to tour Cavan Town with the peace pot candle holders
The spectacle on Farnham Street featuring in the Fleadh Parade - 2012
This Janus statue is now displayed at Fermanagh County Museum since 12th March 2013.
Fermanagh County Museum 2013 - Janus Statue